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The Tinfoil Rabbit Hole

"Born and raised in and around Buffalo, N.Y., I have a BSc. in Media Communications from Full Sail University and am pursuing my Masters in Communications. I have spent the last 25+ years in Computer and Network Consulting. 15 years ago, I started an IT Consulting company that would become highly successful in the area and provided me with secondary opportunities to help others communicate their creativity digitally. While still working in IT, I create content for many different platforms and I’m involved in public speaking, corporate training and helping others to tell their stories through print, web and broadcasting. The Tinfoil Rabbit Hole podcast is an idea meant to discuss, de-bunk and explore fringe (and not-so-fringe) subjects, stories, conspiracy-theories and general-weirdness under the persona of ‘The White Rabbit’. The Tinfoil reference is meant to cast a sly-eye on questionable subjects (think tinfoil hat reference) and the Rabbit Hole is meant to convey how we will dig way too deeply into our subjects - to the point where it uncovers other things that we should discuss or question - think about Wikipedia and how you can start in one place and end up someplace completely different hours later. Much like what our discussions will cover, the Tinfoil Rabbit Hole is an evolving concept project that I hope you will enjoy and not take too seriously."

- Steven main