Welcome to the Insensitive Blog!

Before we start, we just have a few rules to cover our own asses and make this an enjoyable place to convey your thoughts!

This Blog is for TINetwork Listeners to discuss, connect, and share in an open and insensitive environment. The nature of this content might be funny, serious, or offensive. If you plan to participate in our Blogs, you must understand exactly what that means. This is the Totally Insensitive Network, anyone can blog about anything they like. This does not mean we condone or agree with every statement made in this blog.

Unwelcome content

Totally Insensitive Network generally agrees that all content is acceptable, however some content is not. Please keep in mind the spirit in which these were written, and know that looking for loopholes is a waste of time.

Content is prohibited if it:

Prohibited behavior

In addition to not submitting unwelcome content, the following behaviors are prohibited:

Content that contains nudity or pornography. This is not a Porn Site. You're on the internet. Use Google for that.


It's one and done here. You violate a rule and you are out. Begging to be brought back in will not work and is a waste of your own time.

That being said this is a place to share your thoughts, ideas, and opinions. So enjoy it!

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