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The Outer Worlds

So if you have been gaming for awhile I'm sure you have either heard of or have played Star Wars the Knights of the Old Republic, and have been waiting for a game similar in its design (not counting the popular MMORPG "SWTOR"). Playing The Outer Worlds has revitalized this formula for me. You're Shot onto "Terra 2", one of many planets in "the Colony" by a mad scientist with questionable motives, and then the rest is in your hands.

Outer Worlds by Obsidian

You meet interesting companions on your journey and travel to various cities in the colony, dealing with each city's "insider" issues. This ranges from politics in "Monarch" to Collecting Grave fees in "Terra 2". The Dialogue is more than immersive, the side and companion quest draw you into the characters and every environment in this game is breathtaking. My only complaint for this game is the gun and enemy variety, although science weapons are fantastic, I would've liked more ways to kill "Mantiqueens" and "Marauders" since I've had to kill so many. But there is no perfect Game as we all know, and I can push those complaints away since the game has more to offer than simple run and gun.

To keep this short and sweet and before I get ahead of myself and talk about spoilers, I will say this game delivers and has me hooked on this IP, and I can't describe how excited I am for the genre's future. Who knows, The Outer Worlds may have just set the new standard and could push other developers to give us more games like this. Stay Insensitive you fucks!

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