Review of Cinematic Blindspots

Reviewer Alex Fleshman - Writer/Editor:

Adam and Josh are very confident dudes. Their banter alone would make for a great show as is. They have a very fun and interesting theme for their show by the name of Cinematic Blindspots. The theme is movies! I love movies, I collect them and sink a lot of money into them. They genuinely made me laugh throughout the episodes I watched. If you love movies and enjoy learning about the actors and process behind them, then this is the Podcast for you!
Alex's Rating: 10/10

Reviewer Sam Fleshman - Pop Culture/Gaming Specialist:

Great Intro! I started with the first episode where Adam and Josh introduce themselves and talk about “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”. Adam’s questions and Josh’s answers about Tarantino movies reminded me so much of my conversations with my film-head friends and set me on the rest of the Episode with a smile on my face. I enjoy everything about movies so I’m likely biased but I definitely recommend this Podcast to Movie Fans and will be listening to more episodes.
Sam's Rating: 8/10

Reviewer Matt Reilly - Producer/CEO of Insensitive Network:

Adam and Josh have by far shown the most improvement over the shortest amount of time. In only about 30 episodes, their introduction and audio has increased tenfold. Adam and Josh provide a very unique breakdown and commentary on movies, both new and old. Their spoiler riddled, joke stuffed show is both one of a kind and perfect for any 20-30 something.
Matt's Rating: 9/10

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