Review of Carpool Shenanigans

Reviewer Alex Fleshman - Writer/Editor:

Justin and Mitch are a couple of funny guys and they have a good banter. While listening to Carpool Shenanigans, I noticed that they are both comfortable with pushing the envelope with what is politically correct. Their vulgar language and priceless delivery made me want to keep listening more and more. I found myself worried as I tend to start listening to early episodes to podcasts first. There was a major lack in confidence and energy, then I was reassured as I progressed to more recent episodes.
Alex's Rating: 8/10

Reviewer Sam Fleshman - Pop Culture/Gaming Specialist:

Justin and Mitch talk about the 10 most absurd laws in the US in the first Episode I listened to. I enjoy their style of humor and the quick fashion of the cast itself. Justin keeps the conversation moving with quick witted jokes like a great Host does and Mitch’s reactions to some of these laws are hilarious. I can only imagine how great a lot of their conversations will be to listen to. I usually don’t find myself listening to these types of Podcasts but there are always a few I can’t help but to turn on while commuting to work and Carpool Shenanigans I can see coming back to inbetween my True Crime obsession.
Sam's Rating: 7/10

Reviewer Matt Reilly - Producer/CEO of Insensitive Network:

Justin and Mitch talk about “the things you randomly think of throughout any given day”. Their dynamic “back-and-forth” banter draws you in. This is a podcast for the commuter. Their quick show length is perfect for those with little time or attention span, no offense. It reminds me of “Shower Thoughts” or high quality “Stoner Questions”.
Matt's Rating: 9/10

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