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Happy Ever After Party

"Hello! I’m Sam Logsdon, the host and creator of Happy Ever After Party. I was born, raised, and still live in Pittsburgh, PA. I originally went to school for dental hygiene, and have had an active license since 2012 (which I still maintain). In 2016, I got into voice acting and started producing audio books for Audible as a hobby. In 2019, I decided to do voice acting full time and created HEAP. My friend, Amanda, and I had been wanting to create a podcast for movie reviews for a while, but we didn’t just want to talk about movies. Being nerds we wanted to create something more analytical and connecting to something we both enjoy. Recording other people’s books for a living, I see a lot of work derived from other fiction and storytelling; similarly, Amanda edits books for a living and sees the good, the bad and the unreadable. Together, we enjoy fairy tales and myth and lore, so reviewing and analyzing movies and tv based on these things seemed the most logical. Since Amanda’s life is pretty hectic, HEAP is going to be mostly me narrating the podcast, with her on occasionally (especially to talk about certain topics, like Once Upon a Time)."

- Sam Logsdon
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